10-lb Yorkie Fights Off 200-pound Bear Attacking Vietnam Vet [VIDEO]

 Yorkie Saves Vietnam Veteran From Bear


Benji the Yorkshire terrier doesn’t look like your typical action star, but this pup really knows how to throw his weight around.

Benji’s proprietor, Larry Yepez, was assaulted by a wild bear outside his Midpines, California, home reports The Washington Post. The 66-year-old man had recently ventured out of his home in the early morning when a 200-lb. bear all of a sudden charged at him. Yepez endeavored to fend off the creature with a vase, however soon the bear was over him, gnawing at his hands, face and arms.

“I put my feet underneath his belly and kicked him, and the bear flipped backwards, but then he jumped back up, I was doing everything I could to try to get him off of me.” Yepez, a Vietnam veteran and former Marine, told KSFN.

Fortunately, Benji was directly behind his owner. Seeing Yepez in trouble, the little canine began lurching and biting at the bear. Benji’s counterattacks were sufficient to occupy the wild creature, enabling Yepez to escape.

“The bear turned around and swatted at the dog, and that gave us just enough time to get back in and slam the door.” Yepez added.

Once inside the house, Yepez locked the front door, snatched a samurai sword and began yelling at the bear. After a while, the creature withdrew, allowing Yepez to drive himself to the hospital.

At the hospital, Yepez was recovering from various injuries. He had wounds and gashes all over his body, arms and middle, and he was likewise given his initially round of rabies and anti-infection medicines. Benji got no genuine wounds from his altercation with the 200-lb. bear.

While the attack left Yepez banged up, the veteran is thankful he escaped the encounter with his life – a feat made possible with the help of his tiny pooch.

“I realize I’m a lucky human being,” Yepez said.

Here is the video

via 10-lb Yorkie Fights Off 200-pound Bear Attacking Vietnam Vet [VIDEO]


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10-lb Yorkie Fights Off 200-pound Bear Attacking Vietnam Vet [VIDEO]

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