10 Reasons a Yorkie is THE BEST Dog You Ever Had. Number 8 Will Make Any Yorkie  Owner Laugh

Yorkies are not dogs that you could mistake for any other breed. They have some unmistakable — and lovable — traits. Besides being the cutest breed (totally objective, unbiased and scientifically proven opinion), they come with a lot of quirks. Here are 10 that you’ll probably recognize.

1. Yorkies are a lot of dog in one compact package.

These cuties are lap dogs and feisty little warriors all in one 10ish pound bundle of fur. If you are looking for a calm, easy-going dog, then a Yorkie  is not your ideal breed. Some are calm, but many never grow out of that puppy silliness. Thank God.

2. Their other name could be the “Verminator.”

Don’t let that sweet face fool you. Bred in England as a working dog, for the purpose of catching rats in mines. They were also used for hunting to burrow underground after badgers and foxes. If you have any type of vermin, your Yorkie will become its worst nightmare. (Pro tip: be prepared to receive “gifts” from their hunting exploits.)

3. Look who’s talking!

If you like to talk to your dog, you’ll be pleased to know the Yorkie  will answer. This can also lead to some sassy backtalk! ‘Talking” is not barking; you’ll believe they are truly carrying on a conversation. They know they are carrying out behavioral experiments on their weak willed human. Usually for treats and belly rubs.

4. They have an attitude and then some.

The Yorkie  is blessed with an over-abundance of confidence. No task or threat is too big for these tenacious wieners. (But, this trait can get them into trouble if they meet a larger adversary.) Our dog’s bravery normally starts the second Tammy sees the larger dog go past and start walking away. But sometimes her timing is off and arguments follow.

5. Handle With Care

Yorkies are not suited to young children, no matter how well-meaning the child. Children cannot help being clumsy, and that a child meant well is little solace to a Yorkshire Terrier who has been accidentally stepped on, sat on, rolled on, squeezed, or dropped onto the patio. Most Yorkies feel overwhelmed by the loud voices and quick movements that children can’t help making — and stress and fearfulness (even defensive biting) may be the result.

6. They can pump up the volume.

Yorkies come with two volumes: LOUD! and OHMYEARDRUMSBURST!! They are bred to have a very loud voice so they can be heard from underground tunnels. You will have no trouble hearing your Yorkie above ground. Teaching your pup to use their “inside” voice can provide relief for your ears. If they can be bothered to listen to you train them that is.

7. They are ferociously loyal

If a Yorkie  has decided to make you it’s pet then you guys are bonded for life. Yeah. No typo. Ask any Yorkie  owner and they’ll tell you who is really boss. That being said they will protect their family with every ounce of their body. Especially if the threat has started walking away and is leashed.

8. People often say, “Yorkies  train you”… and it’s for a reason.

Yorkies want their way how and when they want it. It’s not impossible to train these strong-willed dogs but it takes a lot of patience and consistency. The key is to find what motivates them – toy or food usually – and use that as a reward during training sessions. In the end, you will likely have to adjust your routine a little to set them up for success and make sure they, and you, are happy.

9. Yorkies can be picky about weather.

Many Yorkies have what I like to call Wet Tummy Syndrome. They are short and close to the ground so rain doesn’t just fall on them from the top but it splashes them from the bottom. Be prepared to meet some resistance if you expect them to go walking in the rain (including going out to go to the bathroom) and to shovel a path of snow for them in the back yard. That being said, I am a huge proponent of NOT letting them refuse to go out in inclement weather. If you start young and teach them that you don’t allow stubborn shenanigans on rainy walks, they will learn that it’s something that can be tolerated.

10. They’re relentlessly curious.

There is not much that can be slipped by a Yorkie, especially anything edible. They are nosy by nature and feel the need be in the middle of the action. You will never walk or work alone when there is a Yorkie in your life.

Have a favorite Yorkie trait? Tell us about it in the comments below!

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via 10 Reasons a Yorkie is THE BEST Dog You Ever Had. Number 8 Will Make Any Yorkie  Owner Laugh


10 Reasons a Yorkie is THE BEST Dog You Ever Had. Number 8 Will Make Any Yorkie  Owner Laugh

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