6 Things To Think About When You Want To Buy A Yorkie. The Last Is Only For The Brave

You will need to find reputable Terrier breeders, once you have decided a Yorkie is the right dog for you. They are breeders who have invested the time and commitment to the breed so ensuring that your puppy is well bred and healthy.

1. Environment

Firstly, you should consider the environment that the puppies are bred in. Many Yorkie breeders keep their number of dogs small enough so they can keep them in their home so they are socialized in a home environment right from the start. Slighter larger operations usually have a separate accommodation for their Yorkie but give the dogs’ access to the home environment and raise the puppies in the home.

2. Breeder Questions

The breeder will ask you almost as many questions about you as you will about them as they want their puppies to go to good homes with people who appreciate Yorkies. If they don’t ask you a lot of questions, it should be an alarm bell, as they may be more interested in money than the welfare of the dog. If that is the case, what conditions are they bred in?

3. Socialize

When visiting the breeder and meeting the puppies take your time, make sure you are relaxed and have time to spend playing with the puppies and if possible interacting with the parents. You are looking for a Yorkie that will match your personality. For instance every time I have gone to a breeder, I go for the puppy that is most comfortable with me. If they come up and fall asleep on my shoe, then they are the one for me.

4. Your Questions

Suggested questions to ask Yorkie breeders:

  • Do the puppies live in your breeders home or in kennels?
  • How are the puppies socialized with people and other dogs?
  • What type of food have they been raised on to this point?
  • Do you do any early puppy training? If so, what?
  • What guarantees are offered on purchasing a puppy?
  • Can I see some references from previous puppy owners who have bought from you?
  • Can I see one of the parents to check on looks, temperament and physical health?
  • What is your policy if for any reason I cannot keep the puppy?
  • Do all the puppies get Vet checked, what vaccinations are given?

If you have any other suggested questions we should be asking, please add them in the comments.

With most breeders unless you time things right you should need to go on a waiting list. You may have to pay a little more with the good breeder but they have put a lot more into producing your puppy.

5. Health Issues

Many problems or issues with Yorkies can be traced back to their breeding like genetic faults, health issues and temperament problems. Reputable breeders put a lot of thought and money into their breeding program ensuring their breeding stock are free of genetic disorders and have excellent temperament.

Reputable breeders will be able to show you written evidence of your puppy’s parents being tested for health and behaviour problems and perhaps even further back.

Ensure your contract clearly sets out the responsibilities of both parties and that you clearly understand your rights and re courses.

6. Adoption Shelter

If you are picking a Yorkie from an animal adoption shelter, there are far fewer questions to ask, as they will not have the answers a breeder does. That being said, ensure that you find out what shots they have had, any surgery they know of, whether they have noticed any physical or attitude problems, but still pay special attention to how they react on a personal basis with you. Both you and your Yorkie should be able to tell pretty quickly if you are suited.

Some people just want an easy to manage dog with no history of poor treatment, but there are always those special souls who don’t care about the past, don’t judge the dog for their previous human’s actions, and just want to share their love with a Yorkie who wants it, badly. If you want the lower maintenance version for your life then maybe you should take the breeder route. If you are that special soul, then your local shelter probably has the dog for you.

If you enjoyed this article please share with your friends and family. Thanks for reading and thanks for sharing Thanks most of all for loving these special dogs.

via 6 Things To Think About When You Want To Buy A Yorkie. The Last Is Only For The Brave


6 Things To Think About When You Want To Buy A Yorkie. The Last Is Only For The Brave

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