Funny Yorkie Dog Rapping Video – Yorkshire Terrier Funny Rapping Video

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Funny Yorkie Dog Rapping Video – Yorkshire Terrier Funny Rapping Video is a video about a Yorkies Life Store.

A Yorkies store is not just a store for Yorkies. Any small dog owner can shop here. A Yorkies Life is your One Stop shop for all your Yorkie and small dog needs.

We have not only just Yorkie clothes and small dog clothes we have, Floral dog Dresses, Formal Dresses, A Black and White Collection, Tanks and Shirts, Harnesses, Leashes and Collars, Hair Accessories, Bows and Ties, Jewelry and Charms, Wedding Outfits, Motorcycle Jackets, Grooming Supplies, Toys, Bedding, Health and Wellness, Training and Safety, Travel, Gates and Furniture, Gifts, Potty Training and Puppy Packages and more.

We are truly your One Stop Shop for all of your Yorkie dog clothes and accessories needs for your small dog.

We made this Funny Yorkie Dog Rapping Video to make the video fun and to display our store not as a funny store but a great store that you can shop at for your All your Yorkie or small dog needs and we have great customer service.

Like us, subscribe and comment below. We will have many more videos to come such as Yorkie training videos, fun videos and cute and funny Yorkie Videos.

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Thank you for watching and have a great day. A Yorkies Life

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Funny Yorkie Dog Rapping Video – Yorkshire Terrier Funny Rapping Video

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